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Aurangabad Distillery Limited

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Rectified Spirit, Denatured Spirit , Neutral Alcohol, Potash , Bio-potash and De potashed vinnasses. Our Products are manufactured at our distillery FACILITY SPREAD ACROSS 40 ACRES, situated at Walchandnagar, Maharashtra.

In order to strengthen our business operation we continue to invest in technology, our Company has shifted from manual distillation to PLC based distillation in the year 2015-16.

Below are the features of our automated distillation Plant:-

  • Multi pressure distillation operates under vacuum and at low operating temperatures which avoids hard scale formation.
  • Reduction in effluent quantity by integrating the evaporation system.
  • Energy conservation through multi pressure distillation.
  • Better quality of all grade of alcohol due to better rem oval of impurities.

Our Company is presently promoted by Mr. Amardeepsingh Triloksingh Sethi, Mr. Dharampal Kimatram Kalani, Mr. Kanyalal Kimatram Kalani and Mrs. Jagjitkaur Amardeepsingh Sethi, who have over 15 years of experience in the distillation industry and have in-depth knowledge of the product and industry in which we operate.


Aurangabad Distillery Limited,
     Walchandnagar, Maharashtra - 413114

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